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The company that provide convenience to Customers and contribute to public via our products, consistently. Contribution means settlement of the gap between the disabled and non-disabled. After Success judgement in National R&D program for Start-up growth, In 2019, Goalmu Tree has selected one of the Brand K , Co-brand of Korea SME(Small and medium-sized enterprises)'s. Goalmu Tree's patented product is Goalmu Smart-pointer(=Goalmu Pointer Mouse). We have provided to Government office such as Korea Employment Agency for Persons with Disabilities and National Information Society Agency via Assistive device for the disabled. It can use conveniently for the disabled and also the ordinary people. We have promoted our product by YouTube/Netflix remote control, ergonomic mouse, Smartphone mouse/controller, etc.

< What is Brand K? >

With Korean idols occupying the Billboard charts and Korean films sweeping overseas film festivals recently, the world is now paying attention to Hallyu contents. At a time when it is perfect to promote our products overseas and to brand them strategically, we officially launched the national SME joint brand . In 2020, experts in each field and people were able to participate in the selection to strengthen the image that it was chosen by themselves to select Brand K, and as of 2020, a total of 120 products were selected as Brand K. Only "Made in Korea," which has been recognized for its global marketability and innovation, can be Brand K, and Brand K, which is continuously introduced in national events and broadcasting contents that are focused on the world, will now be a lighter step for companies to enter the global market. Selected Brand K products will be available through promotions and promotions using large-scale events, domestic and overseas online platform "Brand K Hall," and online export consultation for buyers, and Brand K plans to select 300 products by 2022 to increase product competitiveness and expand its entry into the global market. Brand K, which started in Korea, will now connect global consumers and become a representative product of Korea.


(15.10) Selected 'Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business' 'R&D Planning Support Project' ('16.03) Obtained the 'Patent Registration' No. 10-16061118

('16.08) Obtained the Certification of Venture Companies

('16.09) Selected 'R&D Planning Support Project' organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

('16.11) Obtained the Winning the Excellence Award for the Future Minister's Idea Contest'

('16.12) Obtained the 'Design Registration' No. 30-0886565

('17.01) Obtained the International patent application and U.S. patent application. Registration of Design 30-0889353

(17.06) Obtained the KC certification

('17.09) Obtained the 2017 High Seoul Excellent Product Certification

('17.11) Selected Export Support Center 'Global Entry' Support Project

(18.02) Selected Seoul Techno Park 'Quick Support Project'

('18.03) Obtained the FCC Supplier's Declaration Conformity

('18.04) Selected Official supplier of information and communication aids from Ministry of Science and Technology, Information and Communication

('18.08) Obtained the CE Certified

('18.12) Selected Official supplier of auxiliary engineering equipment at the Employment Service for the Disabled

(18.12) Gold Prize at the Seoul International Invention Exhibition

('18.12) Obtained the KTL Mark Certification

(19.01) Export of 1,000 Goalmu pointer mouse to a Japanese JUST SYSTEM.

('19.01) Small and medium-sized enterprise technology development (start-up growth-technology development project) Final evaluation 'success judgment'

(19.02) Establishment of domestic and overseas liability insurance (PL).

(19.03) Exporting U.S. Products

('19.07) Obtained the Dubai Radio Certification TRA

(19.10) Selected Korea's national small and medium-sized enterprise co-brand K

(20.01) Hitrons, Europe's GED, New Northern Policy-based National Distribution, Manufacturer Elvision MOU